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Intro to English Literature


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Undergraduate students exploring literature will typically begin their studies with composition classes, which help them learn how to accurately convey their thoughts, criticisms, and analysis in essay form. English composition classes typically focus on essay form, academic source citation and building rhetorical arguments. Students in their later undergraduate years will begin to focus their studies on immersive literature courses such as modern poetry, Post WWII American literature and medieval literature.


There will be a number of handouts and links that will be shared throughout the length of the course.

Course Details

Duration: 6 Weeks

Commitment: 5 Hours per week (suggested)

Course Type: Independent Study

Requirement: No Requirements


Professor Stephanie Charles

Assistant Professor

Stephanie Charles earned her MBA from a well known business school in the northeast, focusing on the changing trends in the market in the early part of the twenty-first century. Her research focuses on adapting aging infrastructures to meet new business needs.