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Business Strategy


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New markets and labor pools have opened up. Innovative technologies have put once-powerful business models on the chopping block. Capital flows and investor demand have become less predictable. To meet these challenges, firms have become more sophisticated in the best practices for organizational change management. They are far more sensitive to and more keenly aware of the role that culture plays. They’ve also had to get much better on their follow-through.

Executing Business Strategy equips leaders and managers with practical frameworks for successfully executing strategy in today's ever-changing world.


Strategic management techniques can be viewed as bottom-up, top-down, or collaborative processes. In the bottom-up approach, employees submit proposals to their managers who, in turn, funnel the best ideas further up the organization. This is often accomplished by a capital budgeting process. Proposals are assessed using financial criteria such as return on investment or cost-benefit analysis. Cost underestimation and benefit overestimation are major sources of error. The proposals that are approved form the substance of a new strategy, all of which is done without a grand strategic design or a strategic architect.


Mildred Anderson

Dr. Anderson's work in ethnographic studies is legendary among graduate students. Her on-campus courses often fill within days of open registration. Now, Dr. Anderson brings his passion and compassionate perspective to the online format.